Enter the Void (2009)
Gaspar Noé

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Technology has come such a long way, so why do I still have to open my door and sign for packages? Can’t we invent a system where I can just push a button and the Fedex guy will know that yes there is someone home so please leave the package at the door and I will bring it inside in about 25 minutes or whenever I decide to put on some pants.

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@simonpegg: Whenever I see a grown man wearing Crocs, I always wonder exactly when it was they gave up on life.

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Simon Pegg is going to be at a screening of Hector and the Search for Happiness in New York on Monday. It’s $69 for a two person pass, and I really can’t afford that. But dammit, if I had the money I know I wouldn’t be able to find someone to go with me anyway.

Felicity JonesGlamour, October 2011

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twin peaks ladies [3/3] ¬ shelly johnson

"I’ve got one man too many in my life,
and I’m married to him.”

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