“I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long.”


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the criticism of scorsese is absolutely true and valid but lmao honestly how dare you bring quentin tarantino into this by calling him “a basic white guy” and lumping him in with pedophile rapist woody allen… quentin has written better WOC than half of hollywood’s biggest directors right now. kill bill features 6 lead women (3 being WOC) all incredibly strong and complex, and death proof has two different sets of kickass women and WOC. two movies alone featuring about a dozen female characters. so what the hell are you even talking about. the book that jackie brown was based on featured a white female lead but quentin cast pam grier simply because she was the right actress for jackie, absolutely no hesitations because of her race. so go ahead and demand better women from scorsese but tarantino has been establishing a standard for filmmakers to write better female characters since the ’90s.

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Quentin Tarantino will pay you about 5k just to take you home so he can suck on your toes and beat off. but you didn’t hear it from me (via whitegirlsaintshit)

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Why do adults think “So what’s your major? Oh, and what are you going to do with that?” is acceptable small talk

What am I going to do with my degree? Hang it on the wall and cry, probably

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As you get older, you’re gonna realize there are a lot of things that you don’t like. Things much worse than this. And when those things happen, you can’t just run away.

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End of Watch (USA, 2012)

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Grace Kelly photographed by Howell Conant during a vacation in Jamaica, 1955.

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